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It is our pleasure to have you on board to avail SCC with SME (Gift Our Client) - Business Health Check Up - A 100% Complimentary Study Report for your Business.

Please choose your language of convenience from the below listed links to avail your Business Health Study Questionnaire.

Gift Our Client - GOC - English Version


Gift Our Client - GOC - Tamil Version

Gift Our Client - GOC - Telugu Version

Gift Our Client - GOC - Hindi Version

You will be receiving 20 Page Comprehensive Diagnostic Report of your Business which is offered as a Complimentary Service as part of our Gift Our Client Scheme which is worth around Rs.25,000/-Absolutely FREE.

Our Business Profile, is available here for your viewing.

Benefits of GOC Report:

From See Change Consulting, We will support you on the reports created with your information and data. We will Handhold you to achieve your Aspirations in the Business and tweak the areas which are not healthy and improve the areas continuously which are already doing reasonably well as per the report.

In the Service of SME's,

Chief Relationship Officer

GOC Beneficiaries
M/s. Asian Designer Hardwares, Chennai. M/s. MTC Polymers and Packaging Ltd, Sivakasi.

Dear Sir,

Thanks a ton for your kind gesture. We definitely are benefited by this report.
To be precise reading the questionnaire itself gave some insights on what areas we are weak.
Also it opened our eyes on areas of staff feedback system and liquidity issues.

As you have mentioned in the report, knowledge in this era is easy but implementation isn't.
So we will be in touch with you for further support. In the meantime i have also forwarded the link to
other potential clients.

Thanks for your support once again.


Dear Mr.M.K.Anand,

Thanks for the detailed report.

There are not many consultants who understand SME's issues and based on your Change Gears, I think you do it quite well. We are a 5 year old company and we just have started engaging consultants in our growth path, in areas like HR and 5S.

We will analyze your report, get some learning and get in touch with you when we need your help.

Thanks & Regards,


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