Don't read this mail if you want your students to develop only 50% of their brains...
You have taken the first step in making the right decision and want to know more what this means.
Do the following questions run in your mind?
* How to make our students stand on their own legs by the time they reach their final year in college?
* How to impart skills that will help them to sustain even beyond their first job?
* How to make them "Students of Caliber" even while they are in College?
* How to develop their "Right Brain" along with their "Left Brain" and make them    "Whole Brained" in their approach?
* How to make them as "Society Role Models" even while they pursue their education?
* How to systematically prepare the student to use their "Whole Brain" from the time    he / she steps into the College?
If even one of the above questions has been running in your mind, please read on.
Today's Corporate World finds it difficult to "Campus Pick" students as they are only 50% ready by the time they finish their graduation. The last minute rush of providing “Window Dressed Soft Skills Courses” in the final year is in fact proving to be counter productive. While students find a way to somehow "Get a Job", they take a lifetime to learn "Adaptability Skills" which fails to endear them to the Industry.

As the old saying goes "In the land of the blind, one eyed man is the king".

When the right knowledge avenues are not available, what can colleges really do?

Now you have a "Real Way Out" of this paradox.

See Change Consulting & StraEd USA have come together with the most unique "Embedded Life Skills Curriculum". The rules of the Soft Skills game are being changed forever. The Students will now get what they really need and not what is pushed down their throats in the name of "Window dressing in the last semester".

We firmly believe that the existing syllabus has to be reworked to include soft skills from the first year onwards in all college curriculums. All we need is 1 & 1/2 hours of the students' time per week for a "Total Human Transformation".

We have listened to the Industry and are fully convinced that they favor incorporating soft skills training in the main academic syllabus of all colleges. Industry feels that the problem is not that of the students but of the system itself, making students only "50% Career ready".

See Change Consulting & StraEd have devised a proven syllabus to introduce an all-encompassing range of Processes & Practices that clearly focuses on student satisfaction, and consistently adding value. The principal model is built around a basic need to create and maintain a long-term strategic relationship with the Student & the College.

The Unique points of our curriculum & approach :
1) Transformation of a Student by touching and shaping their lives from the first year of College onwards.

2) Combining the concept of "Observe, Coach & Mentor a student" till he becomes "Adaptable to the job" instead of just being "Employable".

3) Customised Syllabi to suit each student's individual need (based on academic excellence through ‘Assessments and Outcomes’ analysis method) instead of using a "One Size fits all" approach (which is currently being adhered to).

4) Personalised coaching by Eminent 'American' faculties from USA, supported by outstanding Indian coaches & mentors.

5) Program Completion Certification from USA.

6) Optional 6 Sigma Certification for better job prospects.
Convinced? - Want to know how to take it to the next level?

Please feel free to call us for “Face-to-Face” meetings which will help you understand this "Unique Concept" better.

Yours truly,

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